How much does it cost to acquire a Katana Edge sharpening machine?

The price will vary according to the three types of business opportunities offered and also the payment plan associated with the respective opportunities. Please contact the company by telephone or email to obtain specific cost information. The cost includes a 2-day training session, all necessary equipment/tools for sharpening, five pairs of Katana shears to serve as initial inventory, a shear pad/case and all necessary assistance with acquiring further supplies, equipment or Katana shears.


I hear it's expensive. Is it?

The Katana Edge sharpening machine represents years of study and a huge investment of time and financial resources. The machine is the finest and most sophisticated sharpening machine ever made! It is the perfect match to every blade, whether a convex or beveled edge. It is the most capable of sharpening to the edge line or :"yanagi" line. The machine is small, light and easily transported anywhere. The benefit of operating a machine at your customers' salons is immeasurable.


Is the 2-day training session sufficient to equip me with the sharpening skills necessary for a successful business?

Absolutely! The sharpening machine is designed for anyone to operate. Operation of the machine is very simple because the bracket on the machine enables the sharpener to determine the angle of the edge. The shaft is curved to match exactly the "yanagi" line on every blade. If you possess an average level of hand/eye coordination, it is guaranteed you will become the best sharpener in your town or city following the 2-day training session.


How can I get customers when they already use another local sharpener?

While it is likely there will be other skilled sharpeners in your town or city, the Katana Edge sharpening machine and method are so much more superior than the level of sharpening provided by your competitors that you should have no problem beating the competition. There are no other sharpeners or machines out there that can fulfill all the necessary criteria for success in this business:

  • Maintaining the integrity of the blade and blade materials;
  • Maintaining the original shape of the blade's edge by providing a perfect match for both convex and beveled edges;
  • Keeping the original edge line (for Japanese shears: yanagi line or R-800);
  • Ease of operation of the sharpening machine;
  • Providing on-site sharpening for your clients because of the small size and weight of the machine which allows it to be transported easily;
  • Maximizing your time by doing on-site sharpening instead of taking shears back to your workshop to sharpen and then return to customers at a later date;
  • Providing any necessary service to your clients which could include blade tension adjustment; returning edge to original shape, bumper replacement, etc.;
  • Sharpening cleanly because the Katana Edge sharpening machine doesn't require the use of messy oils or water.


How long does it take to sharpen one pair of shears?

Beginning sharpeners can usually sharpen one pair of shears in approximately 20-30 minutes. More experienced sharpeners (master sharpeners) can accomplish the task in just 8-10 minutes!


How can I become a master sharpener?

After completing one year of a successful sharpening business using the Katana Edge sharpening machine and method, you may attend an advanced training session at which Katana Edge management will provide further sharpening instruction. Management can then evaluate your sharpening technique and can assist you with further areas of sharpening competency. Upon successful completion of the advanced training session, the Company will issue you a certificate of master sharpener.


How much will I be able to charge for shear sharpening?

The amount you charge for scissor sharpening will depend on your skill and the area in which you work (your authorized service territory). Typically, a competent sharpener can charge between $25-$35 for each pair of shears they sharpen. The average number of shears a master sharpener may sharpen in one day is 15-20 pairs.


Do I have to sell Katana Edge shears?

You are required to sell Katana Edge shears, because we believe you will reap a tremendous benefit from doing so. You may visit dozens of salons a day and while you are sharpening shears there, you can also display your scissors to which stylists may be attracted. Stylists know the excellence in quality of Japanese shears and that the prices are very reasonable. The Katana Edge microslit (trademark) shears are very unique and they are enjoying a huge amount of success in the industry. You, too, can make a large profit by selling Katana Edge shears. You are required to purchase five pairs of Katana Edge shears at the training session.


How can I ensure I maintain accurate sharpening skills following initial training?

Katana Edge offers a support system unique in the sharpening industry. Once your application has been approved and payment has been received, you may become a member of Katana Edge. As a member, you are invited to attend a 2-day annual business seminar held by the company. The seminar includes assessment of your sharpening skill, motivation and encouragement, advise on successful marketing strategies and customer service, instruction from a guest speaker and sharpener. We believe our success depends on your success.


What other benefits are there in working for Katana Edge?

You may be chosen to attend and work at trade shows around the country at which Katana Edge displays their merchandise. This means you can be part of the thousands of dollars worth of business the company does at these trade shows. The company has been represented recently at trade shows in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Orlando and Seattle. Our customer base in these areas is rapidly increasing.