Why Razor Cut Today?

Hair stylists use regular scissors, thinning scissors, and/or a razor knife as their preferred hair cutting tools. It is said that among these, the best performance is achieved by using the razor knife because you are able to control more precisely these three important factors: the weight of hair; the quality of hair, the length of hair. However, the razor can cause serious damage to hair. Stylists typically make the hair wet in order to reduce damage to the hair.

Why Sera-Tec?

You can resolve ALL problems typically caused by razor cutting by using the revolutionary SERA-TEC (Seraphic Technology). Cutting-edge technology allows this amazing product to cut hair by using a heated blade. The blade takes only moments to heat to a temperature of 400°F and it won’t damage your clients’ hair. Your clients will notice the SERA-TEC difference by the soft, smooth touch of their hair up. You are able to make a powerful impression in the daily lives of your clients.

Sera-Tec's Many Functions:


Fig-1: Here is a microphoto of hair after being cut by scissors. Notice numerous splits and the lack of smoothness on the cut surface. Also, notice many gaps at the center part of the hair. These gaps were caused by the stretched cut while blade was making a sharp cut at the outer part of the hair.

Fig. 2: Here is a photo of a hair cut by a regular razor. Notice the ragged edge around the whole surface, the rip at the beginning part of the cut, and the very jagged edge at the ending part of the cut.

Fig. 3: This photo shows no splits, jags or damage. This hair was cut using SERA-CUT.
SERA-TEC is able to create the ideal clean cut!!


Fig-4: You can see the clear and smooth cut surface. You may also recognize the marrow of the hair has not been damaged and remains intact. The heated blade allows for a smooth and easy cut that protects the surface of the hair by sealing it.

How To Use:

1. set up the two blades
2. connect the adopter to blade body
3. plug AC-plug to the socket
4. turn on the switch and see the indicator light on
5. same cutting process as regular razor knife
6. adjust the grip angel up to 30°to down to 15°according to your cutting style
7. turn off the switch after using.(Be careful not to touch the blade part for heat remains in a while)
8. unplug AC-plug if you don’t use for a long time
9. replace the blade once you feel inefficient cut